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Women-Aerobic Exercise Tips

It may vary depending on the intensity of exercise, but I explained in 'Weight for Women # 8' that anaerobic (weight training) exercise has more benefits than calorie aerobic exercise.

However, looking at the questions I received and the comments on the daily exercise, many people worked hard on aerobic exercise. (Compared to my hard work)

Of course, you shouldn't completely rule out an aerobic exercise to lose weight or fat. Depending on your diet goals, doing aerobic exercise effectively can help you reach your goals.

Therefore, it is a 'weight' series for women, but I would like to give a simple aerobic exercise tip to those who are on a diet. Since the content is a little long, we will divide it into two sections and post it :)

1. Why should you do aerobic exercise?

Aerobic exercise Many people do the most to lose weight. This aerobic exercise is often misunderstood and misleading. So you need to know exactly why you should do aerobic exercise.

-To burn more calories
-Makes the cardiovascular system (system related to the blood vessels of the heart) healthier

Aerobic exercise is designed to burn more calories. It's not the main way to build a pretty body from a diet point of view.

2. Decide whether or not to do aerobic exercise according to your goals

You may not need aerobic exercise to continue losing fat and building a beautiful body. It's because weight training and the right diet can give you the results you want, even if you're running hard and don't burn more calories.

However, depending on your goals, you may need aerobic exercise. Below are some simple tips and tips when you need aerobic exercise based on the questions you've received so far.

1) I can't lose weight in my buttocks and thighs. Is there any way to get rid of this area's body fat quickly?
-If your goal is to get rid of body fat in areas where the fat is not easily lost, such as the hips or thighs, where body fat does not fall, you need to do aerobic exercise.

As a tip, use aerobic exercise on an empty stomach if you want to quickly get rid of body fat in this area. This is a proven method through several research results and experiences.

The only thing to keep in mind is that this method may be good for the sole purpose of losing body fat, but if you want to increase your muscle mass in order to build a pretty and nice body, it is not a good idea. (There are many things to worry about, such as taking exercise programs and taking certain supplements to reduce muscle loss.)

2) The weight loss effect is lower than in the past with weight training. What should I do?
-People who only do weight training for a long time sometimes ask this question. In this case, do aerobic exercise.

As a tip, if you're planning to do aerobic exercise with weight training today, don't overdo it. It can interfere with muscle recovery. We recommend that you do not combine weight training with intensive aerobic exercise.

Also, do aerobic exercise after weight training. You shouldn't do weight training while your aerobic exercise is losing your strength and your athletic ability is down. As I said before, the purpose of aerobic exercise is to not only burn calories but also to discard the effects of weight training. (Walking up for 5 minutes lightly for the purpose of stretching is good like stretching before exercise :)

The next card will give you tips on the questions below and suggest one exercise program.

If you are curious, please look forward to your next card :)

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